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Recollection and separation of waste.


Garbage is created by mixing the solid waste (organic and inorganic) and everyone can contribute to reduce it. That is why the Foundation save water on a permanent basis we take the initiative to separate our waste.

Organic: We can identify them as those of animal and vegetable origin. For example: fruits and vegetables, eggshells shells of egg, leftovers of food, used paper napkins, coffee waste, tea bags, grass, leaves, branches and flowers among others.

Inorganic: Plastic bags, packaging and packaging, glass, paper, cardboard and metals. Almost all inorganic waste can be recycled when they are free of organic matter.

With these actions, we contribute to generating a source of income for persons that collect our waste to support the economy of their families and the preservation of our environment.

You like the Foundation save water can facilitate recycling so we suggest separating inorganic waste independently, according to their type is very easy and we tell you here as:

  • Board and crush aluminium cans to reduce its volume.

  • Separates bottles and glass jars and not break them. Broken glass should be handled separately and carefully to avoid accidents.

  • Mooring the newspaper, magazines, sheets of paper and cardboard for easy handling and transportation. Keep them clean and dry so that they can be recycled.

  • Board and crushes all packaging and plastic bottles, this facilitates its classification and recycling.

Remember that it is important to foster a culture and be aware of the importance of separating the garbage that we generate.



On June 2011 Alejandro de la Madrid, president of "Salvemos el Agua Foundation" was featured in the news show with famous Joaquin Lopez Doriga talking his opinion about global warming (minute 1.39)




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